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Extracts from the Ofsted Report April 2004
After Inspection on 22 March 2004

How Good is the Day Care?

Fair View Kindergarten provides a good standard of care. Qualified and experienced staff have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The premises are welcoming to children and the provision has the necessary facilities to provide a range of activities to promote their development. There is appropriate and accessible equipment, to provide the children with a stimulating environment that helps to promote their independence.

The effective systems that are in place and good staff deployment ensure the safety of children. Staff encourage hygiene practice by ensuring children wash their hands regularly. Staff treat children with equal concern while recognising and meeting their individual needs.

The well planned and structured sessions including the after school club ensures that children can access all the activities and play opportunities throughout the day. Staff have a kind and caring attitude towards children, they support them in their play and learning promoting their listening and thinking skills. The group have policies and procedures in place that ensure all children can participate at a level appropriate to their needs. Staff use appropriate techniques when dealing with behaviour management, taking into account children's age and stage of development which results in lively, happy well behaved children.

Relationships with parents are good, staff work with them to support the children by welcoming them into the setting and valuing their contribution through information sharing.

How Effective is Fair View Education?

The provision for nursery education at Fair View Kindergarten is good. It enables children to make generally good progress towards the early learning goals in all areas of learning.

The quality of teaching is generally good. Staff have a sound knowledge of the Foundation Stage and plan a broad curriculum, which helps children progress towards the early learning goals in a welcoming environment. Staff support children in their play and learning, extending their language by asking simple open ended questions. Resources are organised to encourage children's independence. Staff encourage children to join in with number rhymes and simple calculations. Planned topics give children opportunities to explore the natural world and gain an awareness of our diverse culture.

The leadership and management of the day nursery is generally good. Staff work well as a team, there are regular staff meetings and all staff are encouraged to be involved in the planning. Evaluations on activities are undertaken on a regular basis and staff work constantly to improve the care and education of children.

Partnership with parents is generally good. Good quality information is provided both verbally and written with involvement in the group through 'The Friends of Fair View' promoting the good relationships with parents, staff and children.

To view the full Ofsted Report (unique reference number 254054) click on the link below. This will also allow you to print a copy of the report.